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The Buffalo History Museum

Buffalo, New York

Buffalonians often think only of the historic Pan Am building when they think of their History Museum.  But the Museum actually encompasses three historic buildings within Buffalo’s “museum district”, housing an extensive collection of artifacts. 

The original Museum building dates from the 1901 Pan American Exposition - the New York State Building - and is one of the only permanent structures remaining. The Reinstein Center, located next to the Museum Parking lot, was originally built by Leonard Adams as a home and a music studio. It is now used as administrative space for Museum staff. The Resource Center on Forest Avenue, across from the restored Richardson-Olmsted Complex, was originally a 19th-century streetcar barn.  It is occasionally open to the public and houses archival storage as well as curatorial and office areas.

With a new Strategic Plan about to start in 2015, the Museum decided to embark on a first-time,
comprehensive facilities assessment and space utilization study.  Design Synergies Architecture led a larger team that included engineering and energy consultants, and museum consulting firm Thinking Outside the Square, which also consulted on a Visitor Experience Plan.

The initial facilities assessment began in the summer of 2014, and continued into 2015 with more detailed analysis of needed maintenance and repair at the Reinstein Center. The final report identified future repair and renovation projects and provided cost estimates so the Museum could plan its capital and maintenance budgets for the coming years.  The report continues to provide guidance to the Museum's Board of Directors and Building Committee, and several key projects it identified are now underway.

Architect/Prime Firm:  Design Synergies Architecture

Museum Consultant:  Brian McAlonie, Thinking Outside the Square

MEP & Energy Engineering:  Buffalo Engineering, C.J. Brown Engineering

Historic Preservation Architect:  Barbara A. Campagna Architecture & Planning

Photos:  Roxanne Button Kujawa AIA

Space Planning Diagram:  DSA

​Original Drawing:  George Cary Architect (1900), from the collection of The Buffalo History Museum

Space Utilization Plan, Pan Am Building
Space Utilization Plan, Pan Am Building